Many of us live and breathe Facebook. And what’s wrong with that? Arguments like “My friends are all there” or “I need it to keep up in touch with my clients” are well and valid. But you should still be aware of the facts. And that’s where Matthias comes in.

A Youtube user dubbed “Matthias”, who had a substantial following in both Facebook and Youtube has decided to spearhead the fall of Facebook and all of the privacy violations that come with it.

Some time ago Matthias posted this video, in which he argues and pleads for us all to delete our Facebook accounts – for good. The video quickly went viral and has started a tiny but fierce wave of people deleting their accounts.

I gotta admit, he does make pretty damn good points in his speech. But as many others, “I need my account for business and such” so I for one am not leaving Face-land any time soon.

What do you think? Are you going to join the rebellion and share this clip, delete your account and rise to the barricades to yell out “IT’S OVER FACEBOOK!” …or are you going to keep scrolling?

Let us know in the comments!


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