Suspect gets away easily as two female police officers try to detain him in New York City.

Now, this really is a difficult situation. I support equality and always have. It’s great to see female cops and fire marshals but then on the other hand I also think that a line should be drawn. There should be some physical and mental aspects of an officer that cannot come into question, regardless of gender.

There is something really scary about someone dying in a fire because a “physically weaker” female fire marshall could not move/lift the victim. Same goes here. The police should be able to restrain a person. Period. Many countries have solved this pickle by making it mandatory for a “two man team” to always include one man.

Then again, many police officers say that in many situations female officers are able to talk the trouble maker down in situations where male officers have deprived all other means except physical violence.

What do you think? Is equality in question here?


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