There’s been different types of imitators and impersonators in Hollywood for…well…forever. But not like this. These 52 starlets raise the stakes to a whole new level.

Okay here’s the skinny: we have here a list of 52 cases of “celeb doppelgangers” whom work in a bit of a different field than the guys that can do Morgan Freeman’s voice.

How have we acquired the list you ask? -The internet is the answer.
Why have we acquired the list you ask? -Same as above.


01 T426im A

scarlett valmis

02 Tp Kytfy

03 Ohb BDom

04 fm J8f Bh

05 hi4 Tk4 P

06 BRKWHa3

07 o X1 MZDl

08 ta C7x45

09 2ysc TFK

10 TLc2f3 A

11 av B27ut

12 4 SIMV82

13 Gw1 Ea OD

14 t5 H2b1 P

15 SLYlc Zc

16 c Mn Ae OI

17 ZAANw Lg

18 t BJWF9 Q

19 Xhmgt3 N

20 NY86 Rpe

21 V0i Ingi

22 Zt P6 Jj L

23 MZFYi6 T


25 Od VIk HK

26 Lwn N51m

27 0n Tut VR

28 IEyt UNN

29 li ZJVUs

30 mjfb Pg1

31 x U3b HSa

32 ky Eu XZO

33 l Eij VJV

34 VGd2 Po L

35 8k Zr WRP

36 ESm YHGb

37 1 Dnptd O

38 Djmy7 AE

39 kz VXRc Y

40 as EDy CL

41 Nyyb4e D

42 Vn Wv VDN

43 Oj Relw M

44 4j Fc Aub

45 qo K6 Ds K

46 PDF9 WYn


48 z QZ2 Zou

49 Gz V6 Kze

kristen valmis

And now, last but not least…



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