What a newsflash: Pleasing a woman in bed can sometimes be really challenging.

Here are 20 things men do in bed that women absolutely HATE. The sad and ugly truth was originally submitted by Metro.


1.  When he tries to put her in a sex position he obviously saw on a porn site. She ends up looking and feeling awkward at the same time when he asks her ‘You’re loving that, aren’t you’? Ehm, no.

2. That moment when he casually tries to have anal sex without a warning. By the way, do men really think it happens easily without lubricant?

3. The woman is on top and he’s just staring at her thinking ‘Give me that horny look’. Like really, what face are guys expecting? Somebody please tell me!

4. Hardcore spanking. The guy thinks it’s sexy to spank her so hard that the only thing she can think of is turning around and slap him in the face.

5. The man is happily on top getting ready to come and asks if she’s close? Nope, she’s not close until you do something for the woman’s orgasm.

6. When the guy asks with a deep, masculine voice ‘How does it feel?’ Well, it probably feels like your penis is inside her. So do men really assume the answer to be ‘Doesn’t feel any special’…? So please, ask something else.

7. Most women do have a gag reflex. The guys should consider this next time they want her to keep going deeper and deeper.

8. The moment when he asks her to strip… She has probably her skinny jeans on and everyone knows how that could end.

9. In the middle of the foreplay he sticks his finger in her ass. Women don’t like surprises in there, not ever.

10. When the man pulls her hair just a little bit too hard making her scream.

11. Too strong use of fingers during foreplay. The woman often feels like he’s trying to push the clitoris through her stomach.

12. Nipple biting? That really hurts!

13. When he assumes that a woman is some kind of an instrument and sticks his fingers in every possible hole at the same time.

14. His stubble. Not the one on his face. And no, it doesn’t make the penis look any bigger.

15. When the man believes that a 30-second foreplay is always more than enough.

16. Ejaculating on the woman’s face. Seriously, no!

17. Then there’s the condom… If a woman wants to put it on, she’ll put it.

18. When the man begins to behave really aggressively when she’s not getting any closer to an orgasm. Yeay, really helpful. Not.

19. What about removing underwear with teeth? Just no.

20. Something that cannot be stressed enough: personal hygiene. If you smell bad, you can forget it. This one is for both genders.



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