Many say that drinking is an art form and like art, sometimes it tends to get a bit crazy. So the most important thing in those “hey my legs really don’t work..vomit-vomit-vomit-pass out” -type situations, is that you’re with friends that take good care of you. But then in some occasions (most of them really)  instead of taking care of your alcohol ridden body, your friends do the exact opposite. Be it the classic “let’s dip his hand in warm water” -prank, or something more experimental, like “I think we should tape Johnny to the ceiling while he’s passed out” -prank, you can always count on your buddys, to make the your next morning feel like a scene from Dante’s “Inferno”.

“But Vivas, I don’t know how to do these awesome and hellish pranks that you speak of, can you help me?” – Steve, Professional dick

We sure can Steve! This is why we compiled a list of 20 most elaborate and truly artistic pranks to pull on your unsuspecting friends. And because putting so much energy into making somebody feel even worse in the morning cannot be considered anything but art, we’ve graded it as art. Enjoy.


Besides the magnificent brushwork, this piece is truly brought together by the sword, the Serenity dvd and the retro headphones. Also adding the Swastika in to the ocean, which is the guys tummy, while a giraffe looks at it judgingly from it’s island, is one of the best pieces of sociopolitical commentary we’ve ever seen.
8/10 points


Minimalistic and yet thought provoking and beautiful, this piece draws it’s potential from the delicate negotiation between substance and negative space.


This piece is definitely one of our favourites. A great representation of how art can combine functionality (magazines and dessert on the dudes back) and mystery (jeans pulled to ankles but belt still buckled). Truly wonderful.


We greatly appreciate the bold colour palet used in this piece. Also the level of skill shown in the naming process (Pirate Princess Pickle Bunny) is truly inspiring.


Unbelievable agility and craftsmanship is show in the stacking of the chairs and the basket. We have reason to believe (the full shot glass on the table), that this piece was crafted in a “black out drunk” state – only making the beautiful end result that much harder to believe.


This piece split our panel in two. While some said, that it is simply over simplistic and “lazy”, others found a certain elegance and grace in the minimalistic execution of the piece. Plus point from both sides for the “Old Fashioned” flower bag on the guys stomach.


The careful placing of the elements in the scene and the “fun-factor” of the waking up scenario, made this piece a favorite among our panelists.


This is just cruel. Funny – but cruel. One of the most influential and thought provoking pieces on our list.


In the eyes of our panel, the clear artistic vision and the sociopolitical impact of this piece, raised it clearly above all others. Simply breathtaking.


The dangerous nature of this piece and commenting on it with the addition of a safety helmet raised some good conversation within our panel of judges.


The calmness of the “victim” combined with delicate nature of the stacking is nerve wracking. Alas, the pressure which the viewer feels is dissipated through the sheer joy seen on the artists face, thus giving the viewer a sense of catharsis. Beautiful.


The opportunity to see the artist working raises the artistic value of this piece greatly. The piece in question is a “self-portrait” type – in which the artist reflects his own ego through a canvas to the viewer.


This piece creates a dialogue with the viewer about social, cultural and political pressures, under which we are submitted in the modern world. It captivates the viewer through its extreme and almost brutal way of interpreting the world around us and the shackles it creates.


What is this? How do you even .. Whaa?


The name of this piece “The light of friendship”, in our opinion crystallizes the central idea of the piece perfectly. Through sadness, to joy and through friendship, in to the light. I mean just look at that smile. BFF material right there.


Awwwwwww. 10/10


“And like a monk in prayer, he lowered his head in silence. The light of the moon, the scent of wine. Hangover.” -Unknown, 1912


This piece clearly depicts the need to hide our true selves under pier pressure. To wear the skin of a sheep to get ahead, if you will. Beautiful brushwork and attention to details solidifies this pieces place among the best on this list. Also a big bonus for the fact, that the dude looks like Zach Galifianakis. Cool.


Considered by many as “street art” – this installation studies the value of patience in the process of making art, and also the frail and momentary nature of “street art”.


We are not sure whether we should shake the artists hand .. or help him/her to call the ambulance. We really don’t know. Thus, we find ourselves truly in awe.

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